Top 5 Reasons to Partner with the Sewart Group in Today's Market

Top 5 Reasons to Partner with the Sewart Group in Today's Market

  • Karine Sewart
  • 10/27/22

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your house, partnering with a team of skilled realtors is absolutely crucial in today’s market. The landscape of Wisconsin real estate is fierce and competitive. For instance, buyers looking at homes for sale in Mequon, Wisconsin, will find themselves deep in a seller’s market, which means they’ll be competing with other buyers for what little inventory is left.
While the Wisconsin real estate market is tough, properties within that market are worth the battle if you’re a buyer. Places like Cedarburg and Shorewood (just north of Milwaukee) offer plenty of single-family homes that are perfect for raising a family. On the other hand, and as Quicken Loans explains, if you want to sell your home, you’ll find yourself benefiting from the current market conditions. Either way, hiring a seasoned realtor is the only way to guarantee a fair sale. Here are the top five reasons to partner with the Sewart Real Estate Group.

1. Listening to your needs and wants

Whether you need a buyer or seller consultation, the Sewart Group will sit down with you and listen to your needs. Regardless of whether you require a fast sale or you’re looking for specific things in a new home, the group will develop a customized approach tailored to your goals.
The Sewart Group will additionally give you a step-by-step understanding of the buying and selling process, as well as help you understand all of your available options. They will also provide a custom portal that provides up-to-date information on properties. Once the Sewart Group knows your needs and wants, they can build effective strategies that align with the current market conditions.
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2. Understanding the current market conditions

With many years in the real estate business, the Sewart Group has cultivated a deep understanding of the current market conditions. For years, they have watched the market fluctuations and have bought and sold homes in even the worst market conditions.
As the WRA points out, the current state of Wisconsin real estate, such as the Shorewood real estate market, is more in favor of sellers than buyers. This means that buyers not only have to win over sellers but they also have to compete against other buyers. Such a market often results in bidding wars, which are nearly impossible to win without the help of a skilled realtor. Additionally, these types of markets require a personal homebuyer’s letter attached to the offer in an attempt to win the seller over. A good realtor will help you craft an effective letter.

3. Selling luxury properties

The Sewart Group has a long track record of selling luxury properties. In fact, their 2021 list-to-sold ratio was 1.03, which is an incredible ratio given today’s economy and market. In addition, their total volume of sales has surpassed $273 million and their total transactions are north of 620.
Over the years, the Sewart Group has sold a variety of luxury houses. Some of the more notable sales include an 11,855 square-foot house in Franksville that sold for $4 million, as well as a 17,100 square-foot, six-bedroom house in Mequon that sold for $2.3 million. Because the Sewart Group has dealt with plenty of luxury properties, they know what it takes to get the house of your dreams or sell your current property.

4. Working with Compass Concierge

Compass Concierge is a stress-free way of selling your house for more money. The service helps you prepare your home for the market by fronting the cost for home improvement upgrades. The best part? The service does not charge any interest.
The Sewart Group will work with you closely to determine exactly which services could increase the value of your home the most and help develop an approximate budget for the work. Once you have a budget, they will help you engage with vendors and commission work to get the improvements done. After the work is complete, your house will go on the market, and when your house sells, you simply pay back the funds the service provided at closing.
To take part in the program, call the Sewart Real Estate Group to get connected with Compass.
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5. Assisting with a bridge loan

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that utilizes equity from your current house to help you submit an offer on a new one. Chase Bank explains that if you want to move to a new home but your money is tied up in the equity of your old house, obtaining a bridge loan can secure funding to buy a new one. This funding may include a down payment or mortgage payments. After your old home sells, you simply use the proceeds to repay the bridge loan.
While the Sewart Group doesn’t offer the loan directly, they can help you work with qualified agents to secure the loan. Once you have it, the group can help you buy a new house and sell your old one.

Work with the Sewart Group today

From listening to your needs and wants to knowing the current market conditions, the Sewart Group is an excellent team of realtors ready to help you buy or sell your home. In today’s competitive market, having a group of skilled real estate agents on your side is an absolute must.

If you’re ready to tour Wisconsin real estate, including homes for sale in Mequon, Wisconsin, or sell your property, contact the Sewart Real Estate Group today.

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