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The most successful home search starts with a buyer consultation meeting. Sewart Group will listen to your needs and develop a tailored approach to accomplish your goals. Sewart Group will provide you:

  • A step-by-step understanding of the buyer process and your representation options
  • A custom interactive portal that provides you the most up-to-date property information
  • Complete review of real estate contracts and disclosures
  • Discussion of offer strategies and current market conditions
  • A list of recommended lenders, contractors and vendors
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In Wisconsin, you have a choice on how you are represented in a real estate transaction.

  1. WB-36 Buyer Agency/Tenant Representation Agreement: This agreement allows your agent to provide you duties that only a client in a transaction is able to receive. These additional duties include the disclosure of material facts, negotiation on your behalf, loyalty and advice. This also gives your agent the ability to offer their opinion and provide guidance regarding the properties that are included in the agreement.
  2. Without a buyer agency agreement the real estate agent will represent you as an agent of the Seller. The agent must treat all parties fairly, but may not offer advice or negotiate on your behalf.
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If you are obtaining financing, it is important to understand the different loan programs that are available. When submitting an offer, a pre-approval letter is essential. We have relationships with local lenders and can provide you with a list of trusted providers.

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Once we have identified your home search criteria at our initial buyer consultation and you have completed your mortgage pre-approval, your property search begins.

To guide your search, Sewart Group provides:

  • Custom interactive property search portal
  • Access to Compass “Coming Soon” properties 
  • Private showings for properties of interest
  • Virtual showings, if requested
  • Creative strategies to identify off-market opportunities
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Sewart Group will explain your options on how to structure your offer and contingencies. With Buyer Representation, Sewart Group can advise you on tactics and strategies that can help you win in a competitive situation. We will guide you through each step of the offer process.

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Sewart group will provide you with a detailed timeline of due dates within your offer. Some key steps are as follows:

  1. Once offer is accepted, the clock begins on contingencies
  2. Contact your insurance agent for homeowners coverage
  3. If obtaining financing, begin loan process with lender
  4. Earnest money deposit is due per terms of the agreement
  5. Buyer performs inspections and fulfills other contingencies in the offer per terms of the agreement
  6. Final walkthrough within 3 days of closing 
  7. Closing day

Work With Us

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