The Best Subdivisions in Cedarburg

The Best Subdivisions in Cedarburg

  • Karine Sewart
  • 11/7/22

Cedarburg, Wisconsin is a welcoming rural community and maintains its forested charm while being mindful of the neighboring development around Ozaukee County. There’s plenty to love about this town, from its great schools and proximity to other towns, making it an ideal home base for buyers. Although home inventory in the area has increased by 17.24%, demand for homes in the area is still strong, reflective in its low average days on the market and increasing median sales price. When starting your search for Cedarburg real estate, make sure to check out these great subdivisions.

Decker Corner/Horns Corner

Decker Corner, and the community southeast of it called Horns Corner, is a popular suburban neighborhood in Cedarburg. A family with the community’s name lived at the local crossroads, their name a fitting legacy for this family-friendly subdivision. Decker Corner/Horns Corner is perfect for people searching to move to raise children. Part of what draws families to this area is its top public schools and single-family homes. As the demographic is mostly made of families, their similarities create a strong sense of community.

Although great for families, the amenities this subdivision provides also makes it ideal for active retirees and career-oriented people. The relatively wealthy population is evident in its beautiful location and the rates of income, which are higher than 89.7% of neighborhoods in the U.S. When searching for Cedarburg houses for sale, make sure to consider this area.


Originally settled by Irish immigrants, Hamilton is another suburban subdivision popular in Cedarburg. This subdivision predated Cedarburg, and its tall, lush trees and historic architecture like Turner Hall make it a visually interesting place to live. Those searching here can expect several medium-sized family homes with large yards, constructed between 1970 and 1999. Even though this subdivision has roots in the past, it isn’t stuck in the past, as it has plenty of features benefitting its residents.

People searching for homes in this area can expect a high demand like Decker Corner/Horns Corner, as buyers’ interest is above average in this area compared to other U.S. neighborhoods. Given its location and desirability, the appreciation rates for Hamilton properties are high. The spacious properties in the location are great options for retirees, families, and career-oriented individuals.

City Center

The City Center maintains the historic and rural atmosphere of Cedarburg as a town while showcasing the original German architecture of the limestone buildings in the area. Buyers searching for Cedarburg homes for sale can see this architecture in surrounding properties, which are mainly medium-sized, single-family homes and apartments. Limestone is also featured in municipal buildings, museums, and other establishments in the area. This, paired with its leafy vegetation and fresh flowing mineral water system, make it an ideal subdivision.

Although a suburban subdivision, the City Center is also a popular place for college students, due to its nearby college and relative walkability compared to the other areas on this list. As such, the population changes with the college year, which can make it a lively place for retirees or families to live. Homes in this area are also in high demand in this wealthy suburb.

Cedarburg Northeast

Cedarburg Northeast is another popular location for buyers searching for a home to raise their families, as it’s a very family-friendly subdivision. Like Decker Corner/Horns Corner, the great schools in the area, as well as the high percentage of single-family homes, make this an ideal place for people with children to live. In fact, the number of single-family homes in the local real estate stock is higher than 96.9% of other U.S. neighborhoods. In line with the rest of these Cedarburg subdivisions, prices and demands are high for properties in this area.

Cedarburg East

Although a little silly at first glance, it’s important to distinguish between Cedarburg Northeast and Cedarburg East. While the northeast subdivision is ideal for families, the eastern subdivision is great for retirees. This community is peaceful and quiet, with plenty of nature views unique to Cedarburg and a wide range of housing options. Residents in this area feature a wide variety of educated seniors, which creates plenty of opportunities to build community.

TopView Trails

People searching for new homes for sale in Cedarburg, WI, should look up TopView Trails. This neighborhood’s country setting is perfect for families, retirees, and workers alike, as its inviting atmosphere welcomes all. This community is primarily made up of single-family homes, all with spacious and well-designed floor plans.

People searching for one of their recently improved properties can enjoy nearby perks like plentiful open spaces, the surrounding wetlands, and its ideal location next to entertainment options like artist studios, restaurants, shops, and antiquing opportunities. Situated in the southwest of Cedarburg, TopView Trails is a popular choice for buyers in the area

Cedar Pointe

A list of Cedarburg subdivisions would be incomplete without mentioning Cedar Pointe. This neighborhood is the largest subdivision in the entire town, with approximately 2,200 residents that call it home. This subdivision originated in the 1990s, and buyers searching for homes in this area can expect a strong sense of community, as the connected backyards are perfect for neighborhood cookouts.

Buyers searching in this subdivision can also enjoy perks like the Conservancy Walking Trail and Park, unique to the community. Nearby are several schools, restaurants, and shops that residents can walk to, as well as the historic Washington Avenue. This neighborhood is the largest for a reason, so make sure to check it out before completing your search.

Ready to search these Cedarburg subdivisions?

There are several top-notch subdivisions in Cedarburg, and these are some of the best available for buyers in the area. Whether you’re looking for someplace to retire, a great college or work location, or a nice neighborhood to raise a family, this town has it all. When you’re ready to start your search for homes in the area, contact local agent Karine Sewart to guide you through the process.

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